Stylish Pendulum Wall Clock will make your interiors look fabulous

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Nuno Teixeira, Lisbon, Portugal, an industrial designer with special interest in lighting and product design, looked towards pendulum for inspiration for his new clock design. The “Pendulum Wall Clock” uses the same phenomenon as any other clock in its category had done, but the LEDs on the pendulum gives it extra advantage even over the expensive wall clocks. Magnetic mechanism provides perpetual movement and the clock is easier to install for it’s very light as the double weigh-driven movement was not required. Have a look at the video and you will notice that the instead of hand, the LED lights are attached to the pendulum and while moving, it’ll be the first object to attract anyone entering your living room. The interiors would look just fantastic with this modern successor of Christiaan Huygens age old invention

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Until the 1930s, the pendulum clock retained the position of the world’s most precise timekeeper all over the world. Pendulum clocks are nowadays are considered just for their decorative and antique value as these clocks are very sensitive to even a minute motion or accelerations from outside and can cause inaccuracies keno winning numbers bc.

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 Whatever be the case, the pendulum clocks have their classic looks, which can definitely make your interiors charming, especially, when the design is smooth and have greater décor capability due to glowing LEDs keno winning numbers bc.

keno bclc

Designer Nuno Teixeira (Lisbon, Portugal)