Seating Designs: 7 coolest luxury sofas designed with integrated electronics

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From basic purpose of seating arrangement in your drawing and living room, sofa designs from big brands have tried almost everything, which can be done for a more impressive, luxurious, and comfortable seating. You’ll even find the diamond and Swarovski studded expensive sofas if you are not satisfied with limited edition sofas you had bought last time. Well, away from that, one new trend that have caught pace in trendy sofa designs, is the integration of electronics or say multimedia devices. Here are ten luxury sofas having dream feature for digital freaks.

1. “The Sound Sofa” with built-in iPod/iPhone dock

The Sound Sofa comes from CSL, famous for their sofa designs, and features built-in iPhone/iPod dock, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, SD card slot, and a sound system. You can play all the popular music formats to enjoy a 2.1 stereo-sound from its 3 hi-fi speakers and special bass box. In addition, it can also charge portable devices and gadgets.

2. Surround Sound MP3 Sofa by Natuzzi

This one comes from Italian furniture designer Natuzzi and features built in speakers and docking station to give you more pleasure and comfortable seating.

3. Music Image Sofa System

Created by Phillippe Starck, the M.I.S.S. (Music Image Sofa System) houses two speakers, a subwoofer, and video projector compartment hidden at the back that pops up for use. Sofa intends to hide cables, wires used in setting up a home theatre system separately.

4. Soundscape Sofa

Japanese brand Audio Technica created this ecofriendly piece using 100 % recyclable Eco Panel and is equipped with touch screens to let user browse through the in-built music collections. Plug in option for your other audio devices is also available and individual headphones attached with each set makes it personal when you don’t want to blast it all.

5. E-Sens Sofa+TV for limited spaces

Industrial designer Guillaume Raoult designed this sofa/TV combo for space saving solution for limited home spaces. You can convert it into a bed and it includes an odor diffuser too. E-Sense was designed for Philips originally.

6. DS 152 Sofa

A Swiss style sofa designed by Jane Worthington for de SedeHOME of Switzerland and offers a flat-screen monitor, TV, video, DVD, and the Internet all integrated in an lovely oval design.

7. Music Chocolate Sofa

Designed by Michi Jung, this one might not be a good match to other luxury seating mentioned above, but it’s a fabulous for audiophiles for it integrates sound system to play music from any external MP3s and other music players.