Outdoor Confession Box: Airy and open, still private archetype to read, gossip, and kiss

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Designer Nick Ross wants to suggest a private modern day confession box to the people and designed “Confessions”. Actually, name is a bit deceiving as its intended to provide a small place where you can have some seclusion and do what you want like reading, gossiping, and even a quick date with an exchange of hot kiss with your girlfriend.  So that means, this new furniture archetype can avert building four-walled private spaces and help reducing construction materials and costs. In a way, it can be contributing to sustainability. Moreover, face-to-face interpersonal communication needs encouragement as Facebook is posing threat to that.

However, the name ‘Confession’ makes me wonder what a human mind keeps on contemplating at times and some of the thoughts bother like hell. One similar feeling is that of guilt, which suffocates us from inside and, Priests try to lightened the guilty souls through the tradition of confession and personally, I believe it’s a great help for many who want to recover from the wounds of their past.

YD//Nick Ross