ORO – Marvelous human powered urban mobility vehicle is inspired from rocking chair

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Compact urban mobility concept designs are really in the minds of big automakers and many examples are already in the market. But, inspiration for designer ‘You Yin Ting’ is the comfort and movement of a Rocking Chair. Ting is major in Industrial & Product Design and looking for a summer internship presently.   His “Human Powered Vehicle – oRo” looks practical, cost effective and eco friendly as it’s zero emission.  Two wheels in the front and one in the rear, which protrudes outside when in use and retracts when parked to save parking space, although, that might not be too great.  The ability of the seat to get adjusted in a more comfortable seating by leaning back is restful and adorable.

Most of all, the exteriors look charming with a smooth aerodynamic design. The design even includes visually proposed minor details like indicators and a small back light right below it, wheels, which glow at night, two front lights beautifully adjusted in the whole structure.  As it’s a compact vehicle for a single user, the ventilation is a necessary facility any compact spaced vehicle would need and the front lower panel provides space for that too. The aerodynamic panel blends into structure to add stylish look already there due to sliding door in the front, which slides upwards on a push. And, all this comes out to be 200 x110 x 90 mm in dimensions.

Coming to the interiors, there nothing much complex and right inside the door, a panel displays speedometer as the only digital part of the vehicle. The vehicle is controlled by steering control and pedals provides source of power.


Now, I know what I need to lose some weight and stay fit along with contributing to the reduction of emissions. It’s fantastic and some manufacturer would sure buy it and put it on roads someday, may be with some modifications and changes.



Designer You Yin Ting (Major in Industrial Design, Hong Kong)