LED Faucet Valve Light pours a drop of light for you

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Cool, fancy and trendy lighting designs are flooding the online stores and designers are smoking every stuff they can to get high enough to grab inspiration for more trendy designs. However, pouring a drop of light though a brass sillcock, is one of the coolest idea conceived by any designer. I found it on Etsy and it used 3/4″brass sillcock and LEDs to create a feeling of opening a valve, which pours light for you. May be I can’t buy one as this piece is already sold, but can still enjoy pouring light in my fancy. Rather, I would try to create one, may be, with more drops.

I tried to find similar design and ended with another amazing lamp “Blue LED Faucet Valve night light”. It differs from the fist one as it doesn’t pour light, but still sounds like it was the first to be conceived to end in the final design. Unfortunately, this one is sold too. 


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