Honda Motors UNI- CUB hands free electric mobility device looks like a penguin

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Honda Motors showed what has been a fantasy to the world after some science fiction movies, which inspired the mechanical geniuses to bring it into real world. Honda UNI CUB, a self-balancing, portable enough to carry in one hand, is completely hands free electric mobility solution. Although, there are no plans to make it available to consumers yet, but UNI – CUB will be tested from June onwards at Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.


The mobility solution includes a robotic brain to maintain the balance of the user and take commands just by shifting of the weight of the user and can be very useful for people who find it very difficult to move in large indoor premises or buildings due to some physical and other health issues. Maximum speed is 4 miles per hour with a range of 3.7 miles. There are two wheels, front wheel with Omni Traction Drive system and a smaller rear wheel to provide multidirectional movement. Technologies used in UNI – CUB are similar to those used in Honda’s ASIMO robot and it’s an updated version of U3-X previously demonstrated in 2010 at Geneva Motor Show.

If we talk about design, it looks like a penguin with its black and white theme and otherwise something like a vacuum cleaner bicycle saddle mounted on top as the Wall Street says in its article. It reminds me of Wall-E, a movie, which I found to be containing hint at the future of human species and technologies, which humans might be using after few centuries. Anyway, go through the images, especially, the lazy ones will love it.