Green Living : Ecofriendly furniture units made from recycled railroad steel and timber

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Stylish, unique, cool, and awesome looking interiors are the dreams of every person having heavy pockets. But, what about a the furniture made from old, salvaged century-old railroad steel and hardwood timbers? I would doubt on the idea of using such furniture for my home or office interiors. However, after looking at marvelous pieces of recycled, reused furniture units from the Rail Yard Studios, I would change my mind completely.

Rail Yard Studios has earned name in creating custom furniture from historical century-old railroad steel and hardwood timbers along with their motto of preservation and sustainability.Their Sleepers Coffee Table and the Ballast Deck Desk are already very popular and they have a very vast collection with variety of unique furniture units like wine racks, beds, book shelves, office furniture, all handmade in America of 100% American materials.

You can call it a blend of recycling and art to create wonderful custome furniture units to give your interiors a punch. The material is easily available as the company holds rights to construction and maintenance of railways. Here is the interesting interview with Robert Hendrick, founder of the Rail Yard Studios on Freshome.

Rail Yard Studios