Green Concepts: Electric assisted tricycle designed for sustainable commuting

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In one of our previous article, we mentioned an eco friendly human powered concept vehicle oRo, which looked fantastically conceived for urban environments and also reduce emissions. Now we came across another eco friendly “Kaylad” electric assisted bicycle designed by a Greek student, Dimitris Niavis pursuing his Product and Systems Design Engineering studies, at the University of the Aegean located in Syros, Greece. After three months of hard work, he came with an electric tricycle design with 1000-watt electric motor for assistance, hydraulic brakes, tubeless tires, and belt drive. Lithium – ion battery supplies power to the motor and a 7 gears internal hub helps adjusting to speed preferences.

The electric tricycle has been designed with much more features in mind like carrying luggage with security. There are two options to provide excellent security to luggage. One is to use elastic belts, which extends from the backside to lock the briefcase of similar luggage tightly and in other case; the user can use K-trolley. Just behind the seat lies a locking system, which ties the tricycle with the poles in the parking or otherwise and make sure you don’t find your bicycle missing after you return from toilet.

Talking about the comfort, individual suspension in each wheel works better at absorbing the shocks and a adjustable handlebar along with trike’s capability to tilt sideways provides flexibility on deep curves.  Two front wheels are smaller than the rear one and gives a different look to the tricycle.

The concept is appreciable for it promotes eco friendly commuting with zero emission motor and included pedals.  Sustainability was one of the major aspects in the mind of this young designer with providing cost effective medium to travel short distance in urban regions.

Designer Dimitris Niavis, Greece