Eco Designs: Solar Kiosk is a wonderful outdoor modular shelter on rollers

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Students of Singapore Polytechnic along the staff pondered over the need of a mobile Kiosk, which generates energy from the sun too. What they ended with is a quite impressive Solar Kiosk design with a seat and a table top, which are adjustable to form different structures as per the requirements of the user. Design in green collaboration with Ascendas, the kiosk can be used for outdoor meetings in clusters, a self-powered counter for companies organizing outdoor exhibition, a poolside lounge, a resting platform at camping sites, business parks, gardens or anywhere there is a need for a mobile shelter, which can power your gadgets too. The Konarka light activated plastic is flexible enough for the module and the curved roof includes six thin film solar panels (.2m x 2.5m) capable of generating enough power to charge a laptop continuously for 6 hours on a sunny day. Otherwise, the power stored in batteries hidden underneath the seat along with inverter, can power the lighting system.

A single module measures 1.8m wide, 2.2 m long, and 2.5m in height and aluminum frames support the tabletop along with the roof. The unit moves on rollers attached to the timber base. The installation is easy and in just 3 hours, three men can assemble the whole structure. The idea is highly practical and fits into the needy modern urban life seeking power for their high tech gadgets.

Designer Amy Wong Hui Jun