9 most stylish bed designs for exotic dreamers

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In one of our previous article, we brought 7 of the coolest luxury sofa designs, but the hunger for more is still on and today we have 9 unique bed designs. It might be not be possible to put all the beds in the same category as some are luxurious asking for a high price, others boasting their high – tech features and some dominates for their fantasy ridden design. Of course, comfort is never compromised if someone is paying high price for their bedrooms. So, here is the list of 9 most stylish and creative designs conceived for beds.

1. DC-10 Cowling Bed by Motoart

This artistic as well as expensive bed comes from Motoart, famous for highest quality furniture pieces made up of recycled vintage airplane parts, and created out of 380 passenger McDonnell Douglas DC-10 model. The LED lights in the base would give it a cool look in a low light bedroom.

2. Enignum Canopy Bed by Joseph Walsh

Joseph created this elegant royal looking bed for “Formations” collection” and the idea was to provide a natural environment in chamber carved from wooden and as he dreamed, the bed looks glamorous with those marvelous artistic carvings.

3. Fantasy Coach

Right from some fairy tale, Fantasy Coach has been named rightly for it’s a dream for any kid to have fairies around while in sleep. Handcrafted in England from wood and fiberglass, the children bed has very high price tag.

4. Napshell

This ergonomic modern bed was designed by seven architecture students and can be used both, indoor and outdoor.  On orders, different modules can be arranged like with doors and a surround system etc.

5. Luxurious Lomme Bed by Agneiszka Bernacka

Polish designer, Bernacka, designed the bed after studying the sleeping habits for almost two years. The bed mainly emphasize the healing effects of sound therapy by relieving the subject from outside noise in egg shaped secure bed. This modern bed also have space for music devices to enhance the sleep with the help of music and again, it comes under the expensive class.

6. Cosmovoide luxury bed

Blended with some elements of traditional four- poster beds, Cosmovoide is an example of French craftsmanship and the contemporary egg shaped bed has two mattresses which fits to the body posture for custom fit. Along with comfort, it includes home theatre, an integrated TV just in front of your eyes when you lay down, telephone, and LED lights just above the head.

7. The Hi-Can luxury bed

This one is almost the maximum one can expect from a modern bed in a high price – a bathroom, snacks bar, television at feet, reading light, integrated computer to access web, gaming console, shades for sleeping and a dancing pole. Well, a dancing pole for whom? Anyway, got bucks in your pocket, go get it and enjoy whatever money can buy you, even the best sleep.

8. Float bed by Design Mobel

It’s a complete dream creation for romantic, comfortable outdoor canopy bed experience and is hand-crafted from locally harvested Totara wood. The float bed is completely covered in a fine Italian fabric and is water resistance.  Designer David Trubridge created this fun design as an competition entry for New Zealand-based firm Design Mobel.

9. Bird’s Nest Bed by O*GE architects

The last entry is way far cooler than even the most luxurious beds and almost deceives you for it looks like a real bird’s nest. Round in shape and created as an compliment to the meticulous flying architects of nature, The Bird’s Nest is designed in 3 different sizes with largest measuring 14.8 feet in diameter. Plush pillows helps you adjust vertical and horizontal positions and can provide space up to 16 people. Even for the social session, it’ll be a wonderful arrangement.