The revolutionary Noiseless Car Horn won’t disturb pedestrians. Really?

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There are two opinions about the design; one is mine and other is that of the designer. Let me introduce you to the latter first.

The designer hasn’t written much about the concept, but the idea is to provide a non-honking way to exchange signal between cars within an undefined range of 360 degree circle. The speaker and the GPS system will assist the whole system. The device will tell you the direction, left or right, from which another car is blowing horn or say sending signal and the driver can act accordingly using another device attached to the steering like a wrist watch. This way, the pedestrians won’t suffer from noise pollution. Access honking in the cities of India is the motivation behind designer’s idea to create a noiseless horn.

That was what the designer thinks. However, horn is not meant only to signal other vehicles on the road. How the driver is going to warn people about to jump in front of your car and a few other walking in the middle of the road lost in thoughts? How the device will handle multiple signals? Sorry dear, but the idea sounds terrible in the absence of answers to these questions. May be, the designer is not familiar habits of both, the Indian drivers and pedestrians. I guess, the concept can be considered as a secondary option.

Designer Florent Corlay