The Hemloft : A self funded $10,000 egg-shaped wonder tree-house by Joel Allen

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Joel Allen isn’t an expert carpenter and you’ll wonder to hear that this guy, who built a tree-house in the mountains of Whistler, British Columbia, is a former software engineer. Building a tree-house isn’t something that nobody has ever tried to built other than Joel, but after going through the story of the maker and the images of his fabulous egg shaped tree-houseon a hemlock tree in an isolated mountain with a fantastic view, is something special.

Joel built the 200 square foot tree house without any electrical or advanced tools. What he used was his imagination and dedication. He is loving his creation which cost him around $10,000, which he self funded. He just kept an eye on Craigslist and collected whatever he wanted without any delay as he was falling short of funds. The retreat includes sleeping quarters, deck, and a workplace. There is a lot to write about Joel’s story behind building his secret retreat and you can find every little detail along with all the interesting incidents on his dedicated website “The Hemloft”, which is the name of his lovely project too.