Molly: An art installation created using plastic cocktail straws by Pryor Callaway

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The world is full of minds unbelievably creative beyond the limitations of logics. Any material, object, and everything, which a human can find on earth can be manipulated and transformed into something that doesn’t actually relate to the final outcome. New York based Artist Pryor Callaway chose thousands of black and gold cocktail straws to create her beautiful installation she named Molly, a mannequin. If you have read William Gibson’s novels, particularly his Sprawl trilogy, you’ll find Molly a familiar character. Cyberpunks must read Gibson’s Neuromancer.

Well, that’s not the main subject and we were just talking about the Pryor Callway who found immense pleasure in using mutability of plastic cocktail straws by weaving organic, biologically-inspired sculptures. Catch more of her works on her site.

Artist Pryor Callaway