Fabulous WhiteCrate up-cycled designs give life to discarded containers

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The idea of transforming old cargo containers has given a lot scope to many designers to use their creative minds in a sustainable sense. WhiteCrate, a UK based company, is providing some cool looking work-spaces for various purposes like hospitality areas, mini retail stores, bars, library, ticket booth, and pop-up clinics etc. There is much more in the minds of the company than shown here. Easy to transport and creates perfect space after up-cycling along with some locally sourced materials.

These are easy to transport and cost-effective to provide semi-permanent residence or working area. The fantastic idea of utilizing old containers in a highly modernize way sounds far better than just discarding them. Their structure makes them feasible for transformation into small cabins or studios with least modification. Once again, in the end, it’s a nice example of up-cycled design. See all the proposed designs and detailed information on the company website.

Credits: Inhabitat