EuroCar Imports really transformed vintage H-Van into functional food truck with a kitchen

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Finally, EuroCar Imports completed the restoration of Vintage H-Van and transformed it into a marvelous food truck. Almost a year ago Eurocar Imports, which is famous for restoring vintage Citroen vehicles, made into the news with its revelation that the company is receiving huge demand for the H-Van restored as a food trucks with a complete kitchen. EuroCar confirmed the restoration of two H Vans as food trucks, one of which is owned by El Sur and serving fresh baked Argentine-style empanadas on the streets of San Francisco and the other one will be shipped to L A.

H-Van finally made a comeback after serving on the streets of France, where it was originally manufactured from 1 947 to 1981. During the period, 500,000 vehicles were manufactured as the businesspersons involved in bakery products preferred it for delivery. Rugged reliability and unique style attracted a great number of people across the France. Check out the new images of H-Van food truck and you might like to order one for yourself if you happened to be in the suitable business.

Once a classic, always a classic. New generation might not have noticed, but once it’s out, it’ll be everywhere. That’s what we call a trend and EuroCar Imports is in fact a trendsetter and perfect in its Citroen vehicle restoration works. Great job guys. You saved these vintage beauties from being discarded and counted as scrap.