E-QBO off-grid design; An interactive re-enforcement for urban crowd equipped with gadgets

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E-QBO is an innovative idea for the modern world and its changing demands for energy and aesthetics in the urban environment. To be exhibited in Piazza San Fedele April 17th to May 5th, E-QBO is an off-grid installation covered with solar panels and stands as an symbol of smart architecture of the future. The E-QBO, also mentioned as the first off-grid island stand in Piazza San Fedele. Conceived and designed by Romolo Stanco (SD4SC) and is built under the supervision of CSR-National Energy Research System represents Octagon, organizer of the event. The purpose of the installation was to provide cities a smart structure that serves the citizens in many ways. Installment can act as a social hot spot that can supply energy to juice up the portable gadgets, serve wi-fi service, power streetlights, and offer information through the videomapping communication systems included in it. At present, it has been built to serve a specific purpose, but otherwise the it’s a scalable structure and can be added to variety of bigger structures like buildings for individual or public use. Frameless custom photovoltaic panels from System Photonics integrated with SMA Sunny Island inverter can generate 7 kW of power with maximum capability of 14kW. The LED strip across the cube shines in the night and adds to the beauty of this fabulous design.

The 5x5x5 meter dimensions has been chosen for the present event and otherwise, the structure can be customized for various locations according to the need. It can be small enough to carry to other locations easily and serve as an off-grid hub for urban public.

Well, I don’t think there is any doubt about need for power and movable hubs to serve busy public of urban cities and moreover the crowd is including gadgets in their professional work. These devices are sure good when you are on the move, but running out of juice is a common issue. That’s what E-QBO wants to solve in the future times when people will be armed with more of these small devices or say, minicomputers.