3 Additions to Your Backyard to Guarantee Summer Fun

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No matter how large your backyard is you can make it your at-home getaway, thanks to these 3 additions.

1. Fire Pit

A fire pit is the perfect way to enjoy a summer evening. And thanks to the newest designs, they make a great aesthetic addition to your backyard.


When choosing a fire pit, look for one that has folding legs. This makes moving and storing it all the easier. Even though they usually come with a weather-resistant cover, it’s best to take them indoors when the season is over to increase their lifespan.

You should also make sure it comes with a screen. While most of them do, some may not. The screen is key to keeping burning enders from popping out and causing injury or harm. Speaking of injury or harm, make sure you keep a close eye on kids or pets when you have the fire going. Any play activities should take place far away from the fire pit, even when there isn’t a fire in the pit. By always keeping a distance from the fire pit, your kids and pets will automatically stay away.

2. Mosquito Control Systems

Mosquito control systems are incredibly effective at keeping the mosquito population in your yard down. Unlike other devices, these work.

Make sure you get one that uses carbon dioxide, moisture and heat as lures. That is what mosquitoes are most drawn to, which is exactly why they bite us.

Bug zappers are notorious for killing everything but a mosquito because they use ultraviolet light as an ineffective lure. If you have one, get rid of it. One study over a summer showed over 14,000 insects were killed, but only 30 were actually mosquitoes. It’s a waste of electricity.


Your mosquito control system should be run continuously so it catches enough of these annoying pests to interrupt their breeding cycle. If you set this machine up once the temperature reaches 50 degrees outside (when mosquito breeding starts), you’ll see results in a week or so. After a few weeks, the mosquito population in your yard will be virtually undetectable, thanks to these effective mosquito control products.

3. Patio Pad

If you don’t have a patio and don’t want to spend the time, energy and money into pouring concrete or setting pavers, they make these things called patio pads. Just as simple as putting a rug down, you can turn your grassy area into the perfect spot to eat outside.


These patio pads can also be used to extend your patio, should you need extra space. For instance, if you’re having a party and would like more space, you can put one of these patio pads down.


Because they come as interlocking squares, you can create the shape you need.

This guest post written by Michelle Anderson who enjoys blogging about how to get the most out of the outdoors, including mosquito control products like mosquito control systems.