A Home In Nature’s Lap;The Lake Forest Park Residence

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The comforts that one gets at home cannot be compared to any other place. In addition, if your home is in the laps of nature it is like a cherry on the cake. The Lake Forest Park residence is designed so fantastically that you get to see the most beautiful and pleasing wood-filled interiors inside the residence. The use of natural materials such as different types of wood with glass connects the outer world to the inner one beautifully. The seattle-based architecture studio Finne Architects without using an outdated design has reconstructed the comfortable feeling of a rustic home. The unique combination of wood and glass offers one a stress free and soothing lifestyle. The natural landscape full of foliage gives one the complete relaxation. The outlandish interior design uses clean lines as well as wood textures to create the extraordinary atmosphere.

Source: Freshome