Zephyr Designer Kitchen Ventilation Hoods!

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Celebrity desidner Robert Brunner has turned a kitchen ventilation hood into an obeject of luxurious pride. The innovatve, designer ventilation hoods have been desiengd by Burner for Zephyr. Dubbed as the Arc collection, the hoods feature sleek and minimalist aesthetics, and have been made in glass, steel and wood.

The range includes three varieties – Tilt, Duo and RF Remote Control Hood. The Tilt is a wall-mounted ventilation hood made in stainless steel. It has angled panels that tilt out to forma a hinged canopy. Duo ventilation hood has been cast in wood and stainless steel and offers choice between charcoal or wenge finish. The last but not the least is a remoteth control range hood, which is clearly the most high-tech by far. It can be operated from upp to fifteen feet away.

Source: Style Ture