Renault’s Captur – The Detail Behind the Orange Crossover

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Renault’s Captur is a concept crossover car that promises adventure with its flashy looks, an athletic body and comes with an environmental friendly biturbo dCi 160 diesel engine with low CO2 emissions. Designed by Laurens van den Acker, the Captur has attractive black and white 22-inch wheels, sharp and wide headlights and a removable low lying roof, transforming it into a crossover coupe. The three wing doors and the stunning, stylish looks cannot be missed.

Crafted with carbon fiber, and mounted with a twin-turbo 1.6 dCi with 160 hp derived from the recently introduced version with 130 hp, the Captur employs the Renault Dezir design doctrine. As a two-seater, it comes floating with two front seats, thus giving space for luggage whereas two additional rear seats are conjured forwards from the side, and includes headrests and seatbelts, although comfort is questionable. This orange little convertible works on the Renault’s new dual-clutch automatic transmission (EDC). The Captur boasts of consuming the fuel thinly, and it’s diesel consumption stands at 3.8ll/100km.

The Captur resembles Nissan’s Juke in size, boasts supremely of sportsmanship, and lends a futuristic approach to design and detail.

Source: Swipelife