FROST : The Designer Chair by FurnID

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Lines and forms that occur when the wind plays with freshly fallen snow seems to have charmed FurnID so much that they have created a sculptural chair, FROST, based on the theme of snowdrift’s enthralling organic form covering the snow clad landscapes.

Designed by Bo Strange, it took the team two years to develop FROST, triumphing over many challenging situations and discussions. FROST has been designed for perfectionist manufacturer Stouby and keeping functional attributes like comfort and light construction along with amazing curves took a great deal of time and effort.

This great attention to detail seems to have paid off well. When an eye travels across the beautiful sculptured chair, all lines merge together, no matter whichever angle FROST may be viewed from. Though FROST seems ahead of its time with its organic form, it holds its reference in the classic aesthetic designs of the 40’s and the 50’s, with its main inspiration coming from architect Finn Juhi..

FROST is available in various types of wood, and with its harmonious, balanced and elegant appearance, it fits perfectly amongst classic and modern furniture, still carving a niche for itself.

Source: World Interior Design Network