Eye-popping Carnivorous Furniture And Domestic Entertainment Options!

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New ideas for alternate sources of energy are always welcome and a very new trend is that of carnivorous furniture and entertainment systems by James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau, Alex Zivanovic. These products trap rodents and insects and then decompose them to create their very own energy source. This sounds really
weird to some, but this not only gets rid off unwanted pests but is also a very new way of generating energy.

One such device is the Mousetrap Coffee table. Breadcrumbs can be left on the table to woo the mice to climb up a hole, which exists in one of the legs of the table. Once the mice steps in, the sensors are activated and it is trapped and digested in the microbial fuel cell located underneath the table, to create power, which is then used up by the table’s other electronic features.

There is the Fly-Paper Clock, which uses a fly-paper roll to trap flies, which are then digested in its microbial fuel cell to generate the power to run the clock. These products might capture the imagination of homeowners and very soon they the carnivorous furniture might find their way into our living rooms.

Source: Pruned