The ‘Stubborn’ Chair!

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At Designcot, we don’t necessarily feature all superb looking things alone, however it’s about design, which if is unique whatsoever way, will find a place here. Read ahead and you’ll come to know why I needed to make this clarification. More than the design, I’m more intrigued by the name of this unique piece of furniture. Designed by Jurgen Bey, it’s the Stubborn Chair! Bey designed it for a Dutch company Nqispen, and what is most special about this design chair that it’s comprised of two chairs stacked on one another. Don’t ask me for the logic, but this weird shape of the chair is the result of quite an absurd method. Well, the two chairs have been kept slightly off-center from one another and then melted to form one off-shape chair. Really stubborn, I must say!

Source: Designboom