Solaris – The Solar LED Watch

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Tired of the old conventional watches that have nothing new to offer? Well, if you want to go for something that is of latest technology and style, yet has a space for exclusivity, then the Solaris by Purple is definitely the one to watch out. The watch uses a solar cell that stores up the energy to keep you with ‘Time’ all throughout.

Designed by French Designer Oliver, the watch has its inspiration in the Sun; hence it uses the solar energy to illuminate the LED’s on its membrane in a string like structure the LED’s represent the time, the perimeter showing the hours in blue, and the five minute groups in the same locations in purple, The cross bars in the center depict the four single minutes. The Straps are wide and split, giving the watch a hint of fashion. The design is light and simple, and it can be worn by men and women alike.

If you are worried about the times when the Sun does not show up, well, there is a battery provided in addition to the solar cell, to keep the Solaris operating in the dark.

Source: Tokyoflash