Room For London – An Exquisite Experience

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The beginning of the 2012 Olympic year for London will also see opening of a new temporary hotel room perched high above the city of London, commissioned by Living Architecture and Artangel in association with the Southbank Centre and the London 2012 Festival. The one-bedroom temporary installation is sure to be the most talked about project in 2012.

With Melbourne based Architect Edwards Moore submitting his proposal, the room that will be sitting on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall roof at the Southbank Centre in London, will not only award the guests with an exquisite view of the London City, but also touch the hearts of the guests with the warmth and comfort of the timber-lined interiors. A transitory withdrawal from the tireless, chaotic life will provide a space for inner reflection and contemplation. Amidst the stunning views, tranquil rivers and the scenic beauty, the guests can reflect on the problems and the possibilities of the urbanized 21st century life.

The Room For London will allow upto two guests at a time a chance to spend a night of their lifetime in a beautifully done architecture. The visitors can share their visual and written experiences in the Room.

Source: In Design Live