NEC Cloud Communicator – A Dual Screen Android Tablet

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In case you were waiting for a portable, dual screen tablet, enabling you to view your documents in a book-like structure, then the new NEC Double Screen Android tablet, the LT-W Cloud Communicator is certainly the one for you. With two 7-inch TFT LCD Screens, the Cloud Communicator comes with Android 2.1 (ugh) and ARM Cortex Processor, apart from the usual features like WiFi, Bluetooth, optional 3G, 3 megapixel camera, GPS etc. The battery life, however, stands at a disappointing 5 hours.

The Cloud Communicator has opened up a possibility of using both the screens together, the book-like structure serving as an imaginative e-book, with each screen displaying a section of a single document. The screens can be used as a multi monitor or in a tandem. The touch screens are resistive unlike most recent releases, and the stylus is provided at the back of the device to enable the touchscreen capabilities. The product is light to carry around, weighing just over a pound.

The NEC plans to release the product this spring in Japan, no word on release in the rest of the world, as yet.

Source: Designboom