The Gabler – The Fold-To-Hold Phone

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To relieve us rummaging through our bags and pockets searching our cell phones, only to find that the call has either been terminated or reached our voicemails, designer Paz Brouk has designed a unique Gabler Folding Phone that can be hung at the edge of a handbag/purse or even on your pocket. Owing to its flexible screen and outer shell, it can be folded diagonally in the middle, giving it a bend shape, just fitting to be clasping on the edge of a purse.

The phone comes with all the modern day cell phone features; the buttons are small, yet attractive, the numbers are printed partly on the surface, the screen is wide, and the looks are definitely nice.

Word of caution: Since the phone hangs on the edge, it could be easily stolen, a hand here, and the phone could be gone. Also, if you are the one who likes to drop your purse onto a table as soon as u spot one, be careful, you could damage or drop the Gabler.

Wrapping up, a nice clinging phone, with a distinctive folding option, but only if you care to have an extra cautious eye on it!

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Source: Yanko Design