Crystal Clear water purifier recycles discarded water into clean air

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South Korean Choi Jinyoung has invented a terrific solution to recycle discarded water into clean air. What makes it even special is that it purifies that leftover water in your glass, which you barely consume fully out of a natural tendency. We hardly care about that discarded water but at macro level it becomes a terrifyingly serious concern. As a matter of fact, we throw away as much as 109,500,000,000L of water every year out of our glasses! Choi’s brilliant water purifier concept addresses this petty-looking yet serious problem of the households. It works on the principle of water and tree making oxygen. When you dispose the discarded water on the purifier’s surface, and turns the leaf-formed faucet to marks the temperature, in no time you feel the freshness of clean air right inside you room. It recycles water into clean air to maintain ideal temperature and humidity around you.

Source: Jin Young Studio